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7-Day Genki Clean Eating Program

7 Days Miracle (Detox | Slimming | Beauty)

Why go for clean eating?

  1. Nourish your body with a balanced diet from natural plant-based food.

  2. Reduce the burden to your digestive system, cleanse and detox your body.

  3. Boost your immunity naturally and balance your hormones.

What are the health benefits of Clean Eating?

  1. Weight Management

    • Overweight able to reduce weight healthily

    • Underweight will gain weight healthily

    • Normal weight will get in shape easier and faster

  2. Overall health improvement with nourishment and detoxification

    • Improve digestive health (constipation, stomach ulcer etc)

    • Improve skin condition (acne, pigmentation, dry skin etc)

    • Improve immune system (healthier and younger cell, disease prevention, reduce inflammation etc)

    • Improve endocrine system (balance hormones naturally, emotionally stable etc)

  3. Food therapy for healthy living and longevity

    • Consuming wholesome plant-based food to defend against disease and maintain good health is one of the best ways to achieve longevity.

Why participate in this 7-Day Genki Clean Eating Program?

  1. Learn about how can the proper nutrition and diet nourish our immune system.

  2. Learn about how to choose or prepare a healthier meal and cultivate a healthy eating habit.

  3. Blend into a like-minded and healthy community in order to build a healthy lifestyle.

Who is this program for?

Is this program suitable for the people who are overweight or underweight?

  • The liver works relentlessly 24/7 filtering our blood every 3 minutes, 20 times an hour, 480 times every day, and more than 100,000 times in a year. 90% of the blood is consists of water and 70% of the blood comes from the intestine. Hence, Genki Clean Eating will help to reduce your liver workload, clean your blood and detox your body.

  • For people who are overweight, it can help to reduce the fat, build up the muscle and achieve weight loss.

  • For people who are underweight, it is a healthy way to gain weight and muscle in comparison with consuming high calories or junk food.

Genki Clean Eating Meal Plan

Genki Clean Eating basically divided into 2 parts:

  1. Clean Meal (home-cooked meals or eating out) - to reduce your body burden and achieve detoxification

    • Choose a cooking method with less oil, less salt, less sugar and less seasoning

    • 60-80% plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, nuts, high-fibre cereals)

    • Minimize animal-based foods (meat, eggs) and carbo (rice, noodles, bread)

    • Avoid processed foods, canned foods, snacks and dairy products

  2. Product (high-nutrient wholesome plant-based food) - a large amount of nutrition to nourish the immune system

  • Important note

    • Clean eating is eating healthily rather than fasting, hence please do not feast yourself before you start this program

    • During the program period, all activities can be carried out as usual such as working and exercise.

    • Learn about how to calculate your calories intake and try not to take more than 1,000 calories per day for a better weight loss and body sculpting result.

How can you take part in this program?

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Looking for Genki Consultant for 1-to-1 FREE consultancy

The Genki Consultant will guide you along the whole process

  1. Pre-Genki (e.g. Are you suitable? Is it effective? Do you have more testimonials? How to buy products? How to start?)

  2. During Genki (e.g. How to eat the product? How to confirm clean meal? Will there be any side effects?)

  3. Post-Genki (e.g. Should you continue? What's next?)

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